Personal and collective wellbeing through connected physical activity

Team building
Your colleagues take up the team challenge, develop their social link and get to know each other better.
Your collaborators are motivated to walk, run or ride a bike in a sustainable way, which improves their health and well-being within the company.
Attract new talents and have a better reputation for your business thanks to your happier collaborators.
A single app for for your employees' physical activity, whenever they want, wherever they want, through unique experiences with their colleagues

How does it work?

70,000 employees move together in more than 60 countries.

* Based on the study conducted by an external consulting firm on the economic impacts of a decrease in absenteeism, a drop in turnover and an increase in productivity.

Every month...

Earth-Moon distance by walking

Paris-New York by running

World tours by bike

Magic powers

Resolved quizzes

What extraSquadRunner gives you.

Your 100% personalized world
With or without white label, choice of sports, missions, quizzes...
++ Communication
No need for another app
Thanks to its inbuilt pedometer and GPS, MySquadRunner records all your activities natively.
+++ Engagement
Connection to other trackers
For those who want to keep using their favourite app
++ Engagement
100% of employees
Innovative functions which even include people who are physically unable.
+++ Cohesion
Daily health and wellbeing quiz
Sport and general culture are a good combination.
++ Wellbeing
Magic powers between users
Maximum gamification so you can motivate each other among colleagues.
++ Cohesion
Special web administrator access
Statistics, team management, communication, mission/quiz configuration...
++ Personalization

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